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The "Big Boss" Brad

THE #1 GOOD FELLA - Mr. Bradley Berg

Mr Bradley "The Big Boss" Berg's Bio is at the end!

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December 2016 Update:
Lately we have been extremely busy here in the automotive and auto body portion of the shop.
Brad has been busting his a@$ to get the word spread about our custom automotive department.
Because he has been working so damn hard, he has become the master at showing how well
Good Fellaz can make a car owners dream come true.
In the last four weeks, Brad has gotten over 20 automotive builds/projects to come in. These projects are in varying states of array, damage or needed repair. The customers are piling in from all over the United States and Canada! The work provided here at Good Fellaz is nothing short of miraculous, and the hard work by this man has been phenomenal!
We look forward to the continuous builds and happy customers.
-- Awesome job Brad!
For more info or for a free estimate/quote, polease call 573-693-1707 or you can email at, or and on Facebook at

We are settled in our new location. We have many builds in from all over the Country. We are looking forward to showing this season all the restoration and crazy builds we have going on.

We are really excited we are to the point that other builders are talking about and comparing themselves to us it is really a true honor.

We will be expanding the television show as well as our business. We are adding some new faces and doing more in house builds along with the customer cars. We will be doing more custom builds and more car shows. Its really fun to meet everyone in person and match faces to names.

The last car show was incredible to hear how many people enjoy watching the builds and 
how many enjoy that we focus on cars rather the a man opera that has cars included. 
We all truly love what we do. We love the vehicles classics, rat rods, modified rides, 
hot rods, trucks, motorcycles, we have fun with them all.

We thank you all and appreciate every one of you!

The New Lobby is done!
Becca did a great job remodeling the lobby, new furnaces in the shop, much of the electrical needed updating and that is getting into shape and while there is still much to do on the building it is slowly getting there.

1973 Dodge Dart
The owner had spent 3 years hauling it from shop to shop and tens of thousands invested in the car. The car had to be pushed in the shop and within days we had it running. Then we went to work on 40 years of  sub-par or just plain backwards work that had been preformed. If it could be wrong it was done on this car. A short six weeks later not only is the mechanical and electrical all gone through and corrected but there was a custom interior installed.


Brad is a rat rod junkie. He would clear coat and ride
a rustie rat rod in no time. He looks for the classic car
in every town he goes to and sees his ideal car build
all over. Bring your car or projects in and let us help
you get your dreams going too.

Major Kudos to the big Boss over the past few weeks.
He has been driving back and forth from city to city and
state to state to locate the best place for our new location. And....
Guess What?!?!?! HE FOUND IT! Yep...he sure did! Guess Where??
I'm not gonna tell you yet. I can give you a hint. It is down south!
Yep, nice warm, not snowing, southern America.
It is pretty too. always....stay posted and keep watching and following,

The Boss Mr. Brad Berg
Shown in the above photo
The founder and creator of the Good Fellaz Industry is Bradley Berg. He is a marketing Genius with mass business skills and tools. He has built his business on the true values of helping people who are need and thrives of the joy of what he does. Mr. Berg opened his first pawn shop in 2012 in Truman, MN and was located there until July of 2015. He was then relocated to Windom, MN where his business has grown in large quantities. Due to the growth of his pawn shop and motor sales, Mr. Berg has chosen to relocate in the city of Windom, MN where his now current businesses has thrived. This move will allow mass expansion, more room and the availability to thrive in the other Good Fellaz branches. Mr. Berg (Brad) currently has Good Fellaz Pawn and Motors and this online store as well. He has long since created other branches of businesses along with Good Fellaz Pawn. Those businesses include the Good Fellaz Motors branch and the Good Fellaz Mechanics and Body Shop. Mr. Berg used to also run an online auction which thrived greatly. The online auction has now been changed to an online shop in order for people everywhere to delve into the products he carries. These thriving businesses have given Good Fellaz a name to remember with its class a catch phrase of:
Along with the businesses, Mr. Berg has also been the founder of two separate motorcycle coalitions for good causes. The first coalition isGood Fellaz Children's Coalition. This coalition is world wide and Mr. Berg is the National President and founder. This coalition is full of men and women all around the world who are ready and willing to help children in need. The coalition is one of the best motorcycle clubs that you could ever find. It is represented all over the world and has top notch members who truly care. It gives a whole new perspective to the public about who bikers eally are. The men and women of the club donate their time to any child in need. They are available to help represent children in court proceedings, with mentor-ship and guidance for their futures. Children all over the world have been given oportunties to feel safe and secure because of these loyal members. God Bless these wonderful men and women. Mr. Berg himself has been a mentor, sponsor and aid to several children in need. He has one child who he still talks to on a regular bases and has helped the child through severe and difficult times. The child is a successful young adult on the verge of graduating from high school with love, acceptance and joy in her heart. Mr. Berg has also aided in numerous other emergency situations for children in need. He has recently helped a young boy with a sponsor in the Good Fellaz Children's Coalition. This child struggles with a few things and simply needs someone to talk to and have some support around him. The member who has gracefully accepted is thrilled to help. We give high credit and thanks to these men and women for their grace. If you know of a child in need or in a bad situation or have a child in need, feel free to contact the Good Fellaz Children's Coalition. Again, there are members all over the world available to help. Please do not hesitate to ask.
On April 23rd, 2016, the First Annual Combined Runwill occur. This ride will help greatly to make the public aware of what the coalition does and why. 100% of the proceeds to the ride will go directly to the Good Fellaz Children's Coalition and the Good Fellaz Coalition for Bikers Rights to the help their causes. The combined run allows bikers from all over to get together, enjoy a ride and promote the coalitions.
For more information on the run, please visit: -or-
Check out the site at:
The Boss's Bio:

How did I get into my business. Well, I was a Registered Lobbyist and thought.... "what business could I get into where I would get lied to less?". The answer was any (hahahah), but I choose the pawn business. It took off and was successful however, the town I was in was not! We expanded into firearms and used cars and after running business in the town and being successful in spite of the towns unsuccessful, we made the decision to move to a a more successful town. We moved to Windom, MN. With a more vibrant community, our business, of course took off with a bang. We have increased sales and in 2016 expanded again into auto repair and auto body which led us to moving into a bigger building. Windom and the surrounding communities have been fantastic to us. Our niche is antiques and the exotic. We have been talking to people for sometime and we just started filming our television show.We are now growing faster then ever, we are more exited then ever. Life is good.

Guidiant LLC.

Good Fellaz Pawn
Good Fellaz Motors
Good Fellaz Children's Coalition

Good Fellaz Coalition for Biker's Rights
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