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Services Offered at Good Fellaz

Here at Good Fellaz, we provide a variety of services to our customers. 
We thrive on 100% satisfaction and look to help with your build on a one on one basis.
We work side by side with all of our customers to ensure that their build 
project is done how they want it done! Below, you can see what types of 
services we provide here and if it is not on the list below, 
all you have to do is ask us and we can let you know. 



We enjoy our work and we enjoy working with all of our customers. Here at Good Fellaz, we restore,rebuild and customize all classic cars, trucks, rat rods, hot rods, motorcycles and more. All of our work and services are provided in house by our amazing crew. Any size, shape, model or condition can be worked with. 
Just give us a call, come in or shoot us an email to get your build started. 

Collision Repair

Accident? Damaged? Don't Fret! Good Fella is here for you.
We do repairs of all sizes on all makes, models and years! We have you covered for all of your collision repair needs inside and out!

Free Estimates

Estimates are done to roughly to calculate/judge the value, number, quantity, or extent of the build. It is an approximate  calculation or judgment of the value or extent of the build. Estimates are not final! The estimate does not project the exact cost of the build. We do understand that some of our clientsare on a budget or have an approximate budget in mind, so we will work with them to try to stay in the range of the budget. That is why we work one on one with all of our customers. We will relay any progress, needs or issues with the build during the whole process in order to allow the customer to stay aware of the process and progress. This also gives our customer the options to continue or to pause a build or add-on extras if they are wanting to. We want to work with our customers so that they can financially accommodate what they are wanting done.

Custom Paint Jobs 

Do you have the perfect color, pattern or scheme in mind? Maybe a hand picked design or graphics?! We can do it! Our Auto Body Paint Specialists can get you what you want! LED electric paint (glows in the dark), air brush, base & custom colors, custom design & more! Do you need an idea? We have those as well. Maybe you want to see what your car may look like with a design before your build is started or you make a final decision, well, we do hand drawn and some digital renderings of vehicles if requested.

Custom Upholstery & Interiors

Get the all around and complete look from inside out. Have it fully redone, customized or restored tooriginal! Its all up to you! We have an amazing Upholstery tech available here at Good Fellaz! We work with a variety of styles, textures and designs. Let us know what your dream or imagined look is and we can get it done for you!

LED Glow Kits

Light up the night with any style, color or multi-color LEDGlow Kit installation. We have kits for any part of your build. Inside the cargo area, interior, under glow, engine glow, tires, trim, pulsating with audio. It's up to you!

Audio & Video Installation

Sounds systems, stereos, DVD/Blu-Ray players, amps, speakers, subs and more. Any thing to help with the sound and video needs that you may have. Get the LED Glow kit installed with your sound system and watch the car light up to the music and switch the syncronizing to match any jam or movie!

Window Tinting

We provide different forms of window tinting in a varying selection of tint. Color, natural, light or dark. Lay out, roll on and spray tints available. Get ta color that matches your car or get them blacked out so nobody can see you on the inside! It's all up to you!

Hydraulic & Air Suspension Kits

Want to add some hop to that ride? Maybe just lower it? We can do that. We have the ability to install all versions for your suspension wants and needs. Even if you add this on just because hopping, hittin switches and bouncing down the road is funner than just driving the straight and narrow!

Full Mechanics Work

We do it all. Engine rebuilds, carb rebuilds, transmission rebuilds, suspension, wiring and so much more! Our mechanics have a combined 100+ years in experience with all of our mechanics having the ability to pretty much anything. Engine swaps, exhaust upgrades, noise reduction, custom engine paints, headers, drive train, transmission, body swaps and so much more.

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